Meditation Retreat January 2017


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Leave the stresses of everyday life behind, tank up energy and develop new insights in a fullweek of Vipassana and Insight Dialog meditation practice.

Teachers: The retreat will be held by Venerable Bhante Anuruddha from Sri Lanka (abbot of
Zurich Buddhist Vihara) and Mr A.SBalasooriya from Sri Lanka (spiritual teacher, counselor,
philosopher and poet).

A.S.Balasooriya is an author, who have published over 100 books on various aspects of
spiritual development, a well-known Yoga and Meditation teacher, spiritual counselor, a
media personality who have done extensive programs on spiritual development in TV and
Radio and a scholar in Vedic, Upanishad Yoga and Zen.

He earned first degree studying Eastern and Western philosophy in the University of
Peradeniya. His studied Buddhist philosophy and earned a Master’s degree in the Buddhist
and Pali University. In addition he obtained a Master’s of Science degree in the University of

He has served as education consultant at the National Institute of Education Sri Lanka, and
UNESCO New Delhi. His interest in Yoga made him attracted to several Masters of Yoga in
India as well as Sri Lanka. He has over 250 YouTube programs uploaded on Spiritual

Topics: Sensual desire, feelings, perception, impulses and desires, Karma, suffering. We will
work on these topics both in silent meditation (Vipassana) and in pairs (Insight Dialog).

Conducted in; Both Sinhala and English Languages.

For whom; For Psychologists, counselors, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, …and open toanyone.


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