Temporary Samaneri August 2018


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Temporary Ordination has become a very popular practice in the south East
Asian Buddhist countries. The result is the formation of a better human
being in the society. Especially numerous or all Buddhists in countries
like Burma, Thailand and Laos, live as monks and nuns for a certain period durin0g the course of a lifetime training their minds to live calm fruitful lives.

This Programme will be organized by the Swiss – Lanka ‘Sadaham Sevana’
Institute at Ambalayaya, katana, Sri Lanka. The main adviser is Ven. Walpola Kalyanatissa Thero who is the chief Incumbent of Yatiyana Sudhassana Meditation centre, as well as the chief adviser of Geneva International Buddhist foundation, and Zürich buddhist vihara.
Swiss-Lanka ‘Sadham Sevana’ Meditation Center, management position is being held by Ven.Karuwelagaswewa Anuruddha Thero who is also the chief incumbent of Zürich Buddhist vihara, Lenzburg, Switzerland as well as the member of Buddhist activities at the Inter-religious Centre at Bern,

To be ordained as a nun one should also bring the samsarc practice by
birth. Ordination is willing to give up everything to enter the homeless life.
It is a great help to practice and maintain concentration. Many worldly
beings long to experience the joy of liberation even during a temporary
ordination as a nun. The reason being a ‘Paramitha’ Fulfilling ‘Paramitha’
is a basic requirement towards realizing liberation or nirvana.
The temporary ordination or the living experience, temporarily as a nun
forms a disciplined, decent, character while helping to build up an
intelligent personality to solve daily problems.

One will also be able to develop deep calmness leading to inner peace.
This program will be held from the 03.08.2018 – 17.08.2018
at this institute, within this premise. During this period the basic training requirements of a nuns will be conducted, For eg. Training in Dhamma Deshana – Meditation Programs, Dhamma Discussions, (Pinndapata) Walking rounds to obtain food or Dana. Chanting of ‘Pirith’ will also be included in the training program.

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